Pranzare, Project Management, Business Design, Brand Development, Community Building, Visual Story Telling, pran 'dzare: “to have lunch”.

New York City based, but also covering the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, with experience in Italy and Southeast Asia.

Pranzare is more than the Italian verb ”to have lunch”. 

Design and Communications for Business

Design and communications play a big part in the success of a business. Your brand image is important to develop and maintain, and Pranzare is uniquely qualified to help online and in print. We've been involved with the communications of organizations from large to small. Start-ups to established. Commercial and non-profit. Logo development to sprucing up an existing identity. 

We've been working in print for a long time, and made the jump to the world wide web in the early days. We've also been involved with start-ups in Southeast Asia and the US, departments of a Big Ten University, a Fortune 20 company, magazines and newspapers.  

Our experience includes managing print and online periodicals, a wide variety of identity projects, Search Engine Optimization, and developing online publishing and marketing strategies that grow businesses. Give us a call and learn how we'll bring our attention to business development to your communications. 

Make a Difference

Comfort for Cancer is a project we started to develop, design and publish a cookbook to raise money for cancer research. Lung cancer doesn't always strike smokers, and it is too often discovered too late to treat it. This is our project to try and do something about it.

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Develop your brand and get found online

Pranzare can help develop your visual identity, literature and get you online, but if you build it, they will come only works in the movies. Let us help you connect with more customers with a web site optimized for the search engines that is optimized for mobile device users and develop your online marketing strategy to get in front of your customers more effectively. 

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