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From print to interactive

Beginning with design for a broadsheet daily newspaper, redesigning and managing the production of three magazines and a tabloid format newspaper came naturally to us. The experiences gained from producing daily, weekly and monthly periodicals translates well into annuals and one off publications.  

Coordinating your company's brand in print needs to be in sync with your online presence and your marketing is essential for success. Online publishing has usurped print for many clients, and we've been working more in this arena in recent years. Content Management Systems available today make it easier than ever to produce a periodical, something nearly every website needs to aspire to for the optimal visibility in a search engine oriented world. 

For the past couple of years we've been involved with developing yearbooks for public schools, trading cards for sports leagues, and early planning for a book project for a client. In the past there was more demand for more traditional brochures and we also worked extensively on publications for a Division 1 college athletics program and two regional publications.