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Pranzare Communications was created in 1990 in Bloomington, Indiana. It followed the founder, Garrett Ewald, to Southeast Asia in 1993-94, back to Bloomington, and eventually to New York City after he completed an MBA at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2001. 

The range of business design services has expanded over the years as new projects were completed and work for other companies was performed. We've been involved in branding software, visual design, publication management, online and print publishing, business development in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, technology management, a range of marketing operations and communications work for IBM, and consulting projects for early stage companies & a Fortune 50 company since leaving IBM. 

Garrett is currently working on completing a Project Management Profession certification from PMI while working on a range of business development projects including Solar Energy development projects in the US and Mexico, marketing services for a consumer packaged goods company, and a technology start up. 

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