Comfort for Cancer

Bringing together recipes and essays to raise money for cancer research.

This page was originally created to rally people to email the White House on behalf of Curt Ewald after he was diagnosed with advanced cancer in the summer of 2010. He passed away after two months and a very eloquent note from the White House arrived mid-January 2011. Now we are working on a project to remember Curt, and help other families in need of comfort through trying times. 

Raising spirits with comfort food. 
Raising money for cancer.

Remembering Curt through cooking comes naturally. He graduated from Johnson and Wales in 1978 with a degree in Culinary Arts, at or near the top of his class. While he drifted away from professional cooking to pursue hotel management a while back, cooking and food were among his passions (along with politics) until the end. He made an awesome wedding cake for his brother drawing from his pastry experience. He inspired friends and family to explore cooking and good food.

His final weeks were marked by trying and enjoying lots of different foods to keep him strong for chemo therapy. The fare ranged from Singaporean to Italian to American and all points in between. Each day ended with a Hagen Daz bar or too. Comfort foods come in many forms. 

Now we are working on publishing a cookbook with a working title of Comfort for Cancer, Food to Live By. The project is taking shape around comfort foods for both the patient and the people around them. 

Our first recipe came from Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) from her latest book, and now we have a recipe from Mario Batali. Next on the list is Emeril, a classmate of Curt's at Johnson and Wales. The chef's at the Beverly Hilton, where Curt was working, are working on a recipe, along with other colleagues from other hotels where Curt worked over the years. 

Now to step up efforts to solicit recipes from professional chefs and Curt's friends. In addition to foods that comfort it is fitting that we draw heavily from the cuisines he was closest too. As a trained chef classic European cuisine is a good start. Add to that his family ties to Italian and German influences. After working around the US in the kitchen he migrated to hotel management. Then he had a long stint in Southeast Asia, Recipes with connections to Washington DC, Scotsdale (AZ), Chicago, Des Moines (IA), Knoxville, Pinehurst (NC), Houston, Dallas and LA would all be appropriate.

It is a wide menu to draw comfort food recipes from. 

We will be working to connect with the celebrity chefs he followed on TV in later years, and the chefs that inspired him through the years.

Interesting essays on comfort food would be nice, and we will also be looking for professional food photographers and stylists to produce images for the book.

The goal will be to raise funds to advance the understanding and treatment of the type of cancer he had, Bronchoalveolar carcinoma or BAC. Hospice care might also be an appropriate recipient. 

If you'd like to submit a recipe or can help us make a connection to an interesting chef please drop me an email at [email protected]. The White House chef would be a nice tie in back to the original project.