Cancer Free Curt

The original project that led to Comfort for Cancer, working to get President Obama to call my brother.

Background on Curt’s cancer, the original White House email campaign and his passing in 2010: 

Thanks to everyone who sent a note to the White House. I think it was more than 200 of you who did, and when they caught up with their mail a very eloquent note was sent over the President's signature in mid-January 2011. 

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Sunday, September 5, 2010, around 8pm PT Curt stopped breathing. The last couple of days had been quiet for him, though his breathing was very hard. His condition deteriorated so fast. Less than two months from diagnosis, and 12 days from the first appearance of blood clots in his legs and lungs. The hospice care he received from Kaiser Permanente was excellent, and will help our family recover faster from this experience. 

A blog post by a doctor, linked to the American Cancer Society, about Curt came out during Curt's last week. It is worth a read...




An Update: After Curt passed away a note did arrive from the White House. Understandably they get tons of mail.


My brother Curt was diagnosed in July 2010 with advanced lung cancer. Once that surprise wore off I thought of a much better one for him. It would be cool if President Obama paid him a quick visit the next time he was in LA, or even just gave him a call. Curt is a very vocal supporter of the President, and the contact would be a big boost to his morale. Chemo therapy sucks more than being at home from work every day. He'll rebound from the chemo, but will he recover from watching day time television?

My quest has taken on a new urgency. One side effect of chemo isn't going to get better, and it will probably end Curt's fight suddenly in the very near term. Blood clots are forming in dangerous ways. His comfy chair in the living room has made way for a hospital bed, though he is still sleeping in his room. Pain medication is a bigger part of his routine too. Hate to rush the commander in chief, but there isn't as much time left as we'd hoped. Mr. President, you can reach me at [email protected] to coordinate a call, or maybe a Skype connection. Assuming that your travels aren't bringing you back to LA soon. 

When I first mentioned it to Curt he told me the President was coming to town in a few days for a fund raising event, but it was too short notice. We managed to get a dozen of so notes sent to the White House, but now to see if we can get this to increase with a little more time to prepare. 

I encourage you to send a note to the President via It takes just a few seconds, and if they get enough notes it might get the attention of his staff. The thought of the president's motorcade pulling up to his house (W. 79th in Westchester, LA, just off Sepulveda) is exciting. He is very close to LAX so it wouldn't be a big detour to "drop by". And if it snarls air traffic for a few extra minutes it wouldn't have the same bad PR as someone getting their haircut in Air Force 2. If a phone call is easier Curt is at his best in the morning these days. 

By coincidence I hear the president stays at the hotel where my brother recently became the Director of Marketing, the Beverly Hilton. The job was perfectly timed as his health insurance started just two weeks before the events that revealed the cancer to him. Frightening to think what this would have been like without insurance. 

So enlist the help of your FB friends and Twitter followers ASAP. This Twitter post has a link to this page. 

RT Lift Curt's spirits in cancer fight, ask Pres. Obama to contact at Time is of the essence

Stranger things have happened...

Here's a starting point for your note to the White House (feel free to adapt this liberally):

Curt Ewald, a major fan of the president has had a major set back in his short battle with cancer. His brother has been asking friends and family to contact the White House to propose that President Obama might contact him to give him a boost in his morale. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer less than a month ago, two weeks after qualifying for insurance at his new job as the Director of Marketing at the Beverly Hilton. He had been uninsured for a couple of years. His prognosis just changed with new cardiac issues surfacing that take precedence over his cancer treatment and will drastically shorten his life. If the President has a moment in his busy schedule a call would be great, or a note, or an executive order outlawing cancer. You can get more background here...


Mr President, you can reach me at [email protected]