Online Commerce

Take control of your web presence

If you haven't updated your website recently because it is too much trouble it is time to give us a call. We cut our teeth building sites one page at a time, but beyond a handful of pages it isn't practical anymore, and the days of putting up an online brochure pretty much guarantees that few visitors will find your site. 

To rank well with the search engines your site needs to be updated regularly, not to mention be designed to be found by people using Google, Bing or other search engines. Getting visitors to return or do business with you online means you need to have interactive tools and features to engage and inform them. 

Updating your site doesn't have to mean tracking down an expensive designer to correct a spelling error or add a new product or service to your site. Working with Content Management Systems (CMS), Pranzare builds sites for business and personal use that you have a great deal of control over. Changes and additions can be made with a web browser when you need it done. Using a CMS also simplifies adding shopping systems, blogs, and news, or other interactive features. 

We design and build web sites with business objectives in mind, and our experience designing for print enables us to create a unified brand image that adds value.

Partnering to delivery success

Pranzare is now partnering with ShipsX to develop online stores for local merchants looking to add delivery services. The ShipsX network of drivers offers a strong advantage over other systems. The retail merchant controls the customer relationship and develops a relationship with delivery people to compete with out of town retailers. Now more than ever customers want delivery options and local merchants need to invest in this to remain viable. 

Pranzare does more than build an online store. We can help you promote it, develop a social media presence, and grow your offerings.